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cmc Instruments GmbH
auptstr. 388
P.O. Box 3 D-65760 Eschborn
Phone 496 173 320 078
Internet address
Company Profile
Manufacturer and distributor of gas generating systems, trace moisture analyzers, trace moisture generators and sampling systems as well as filters, oxygen- and trace nitrogen analyzers. Distributor of gas and flame detectors as well as gas monitoring systems and process titrators for industry and water/effluent analysis involving chloride, nitrate, phosphate as well as special applications. Distributor of hydrogen sulphide and total sulphur analyzers for the process industry.
Economic company profile
Moisture measurement and control, apparatuses for --moisture measurement apparatuses (hygrometers) for gaseous agents, dew-point measurement, coulometric method (with P2O5), apparatuses for the determination of humidity traces
Filters, laboratory, membrane filters, high-pressure filters
glass-glass fibres, glass fibre paper, sintered metals
Gas analysis apparatus and methods-chemical composition-SO2, H2S, O2, N2
Gas generators, laboratory, hydrogen generators, pure air generators, catalytic gas purification
Laboratory-building equipment
gas supply-ultra-clean gas supply
Process analyzers-for gaseous agents-thermal conductivity measuring instruments, analysis of gas traces by auxiliary reaction (electro-chemical, therm al effect, catalytic combustion, chemosorption), mass spectrometers, gas detectors
for special applications-exhaust gas analysis
Safety with gases, vapours and dusts-testing and monitoring instruments-gas warning systems
Nitrogen determination-in gases
Monitoring equipment-explosion limit monitors, flame monitor

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